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steps to delete vdisk

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steps to delete vdisk

what are the steps to delete vdisk from EVA 5K storage which is represented to HP-UX 11.11i server?
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Re: steps to delete vdisk


I am sorry to say that, but if you don't know how you can delete a Vdisk, that probably means that you don't know anything about EVA Storage. So it might be very dangerous that you try do do it by yourself. It is an observation, not a judgment ;-) May be there is a SAN administrator that can help you ?

Anyway the answer varies a litle depending on the VCS firmware vesrion : <= 3.X (active/passive) or >= 4.X (active/active). Here is a generic answer :

Both cases :

- Be sure the VDISK you want to delete is not in use. From LVM point of view but also applications if you use raw devices as it is possible with Oracle

- Connect yourself with a browser to the Command View EVA system. The URL is something like https://<2372>
- Unpresent the Vdisk.

- If active/passive :

-- From HP-UX :

--- spmgr delete WWNLUNID (for example : spmgr delete 6005-08B4-0010-2499-0002-3000-00F9-0000) or spmgr delete (for example : spmgr delete c2t10d3)

- If active/active and autopath installed :

-- From HP-UX :

--- autopath delete WWNLUNID (for example : spmgr delete 6005-08B4-0010-2499-0002-3000-00F9-0000) then ioscan.

--- autopath display -u --> You should see the WWNLUNID in the unattached list

--- If so, autopath add 6005-08B4-0010-2499-0002-3000-00F9-0000. You sould see no more the WWNLUNID, nor in "autopath display", nor in "autopath display -u".

Hope this will help, but please be careful from EVA side


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Re: steps to delete vdisk

thanks for the reply