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Need help with STK tape configuration

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Linda Marzik
Occasional Advisor

Need help with STK tape configuration

I have also posted this under the 9000 server forum - but thought I might have better luck in hpux.

I have a superdome with 3 partitions. I have one partition which I am trying to get connected to a STK 9840 tape drive. The connection looks like this.
Superdome partition has 1 FC connection to an Inrange switch (FC9000).
I have a STK L700 which contains 9840 tape drives. Each tape drive has a FC connection to the Inrange switch.
I have attached the ioscan. My problem is I am seeing everything in the STK L700.
Is there anyway to display the World Wide Name of each of the devices HP sees so I can select which drive is allocated to the Superdome?

Thanks, I am also seeing the same thing from my L-Class server.
Oliver Haensel
Respected Contributor

Re: Need help with STK tape configuration

Hi Linda,

there are 2 ways: either you read out the name server on the Inrange switch to find out the NPort ID and WWN of the Fibre Channel tape drives or you simply use the fcmsutil command on the HP9000 superdome server:
1. find out the td device file name for the FC interface where the tape drives are visible
ioscan -fnkCfc and
2. retrieve NPort ID's of the tape drives
fcmsutil /dev/tdX devstat all|grep Nport

creates output like this
Device Statistics for Nport_id 0x0000EF(Loop_id 0)
3. retrieve WWN for every NPort ID
fcmsutil /dev/tdX get remote 0x[NPort ID]

Good luck!

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