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SAP BI SQL Query to display rows as columns

Paul Singh

SAP BI SQL Query to display rows as columns


I am trying to create an OMi event report in OBR using WebIntelligence. We have 10 different custom slots. For a given event, I want to display those custom slots as columns. We have CustAtt and CustAttVal. CustAtt should apprear as column name, and CustAttVal should be the corresponding value for its related CustAtt. Is there any SAP BOBJ BI SQL funciton I can use to acheive this? I tried STRING_AGG, but I get an error message that function does not exist, or the permissions do not exist.

Currently it appears as this

DateCreated, Title_Text, Sev, CustAtt, CustAttVal
2017/12/13, TestAlert1, Major, AppName, App1
2017/12/13, TestAlert1, Major, TktNum, Ticket1
2017/12/14, TestAlert2, Minor, AppName, App2
2017/12/14, TestAlert2, Minor, TktNum, Ticket2

This is how it should be displayed

DateCreated, Title_Text, Sev, AppName, TktNum
2017/12/13, TestAlert1, Major, App1, Ticket1
2017/12/14, TestAlert2, Minor, App2, Ticket2



Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: MF OMi SAP BI SQL Query to display rows as columns

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