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APA configuration Problem

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APA configuration Problem

I had Installed and configured APA in N-4000 running on HP-UX 11. I had configured APA using Lan interface in core I/O and an additional PCI 10/100Tx Lan card.I had configured APA in FEC-AUTO, but the Aggregation is not happening i.e. I want both lan card in a single interface (lan100). But both the lancards are configuring as different interface (lan100 and lan101), Please let me know how to aggregate both the lan cards in same interface(lan100)

Thanks in adv
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Michael Tully
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Re: APA configuration Problem

Hi Rajesh,

Have a look at this document.

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Re: APA configuration Problem

Edit /etc/rc.config.d/hp_apaconf in order to set up the HP_APA_MANUAL_LA variable. For instance:


that will config lan100 as an aggregate of lan0 and lan1.

You also must configure /etc/rc.config.d/hp_apaportconf

Read the instructions on those config files.
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Re: APA configuration Problem

I did the same but this time none of the interfaces got configured. I am attaching the error messages. I am using a Cisco catalyst switch, and FEC is enabled for this ports at switch. Do I need to do anything more at the switch side

Configure HP AUTO-PORT AGGREGATION interfaces
Output from "/sbin/rc2.d/S337hpapa start":
DLPI version is 2
/sbin/rc2.d/S337hpapa started.
Please be patient. This may take about 40 seconds.
/usr/sbin/hp_apa_util -S 0 MANUAL
/usr/sbin/lanadmin -X -g 0 5 100
New Group Capability = 5
/usr/sbin/lanadmin -X -t 0 0 100
New Port Priority = 0
/usr/sbin/lanadmin -X -s 0 0 100
New System Priority = 0
/usr/sbin/hp_apa_util -S 3 MANUAL
/usr/sbin/lanadmin -X -g 3 5 100
New Hot Standby = OFF
/usr/sbin/lanadmin -X -g 100 5 100
New Group Capability = 5
/usr/sbin/lanadmin -X -a 0 3 100
ERROR: Error: Duplex mismatch for port 0
/sbin/rc2.d/S337hpapa Completed successfully.
"/sbin/rc2.d/S337hpapa start" FAILED

Configure LAN interfaces
Output from "/sbin/rc2.d/S340net start":
ERROR: lan100 interface: ifconfig: no such interface
ERROR: Failed to add route entry because its interface is not
yet initialized. May need to add this route entry with
a route commad after the interface is up :
add net default: gateway Network is unreachable
"/sbin/rc2.d/S340net start" FAILED
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John Payne_2
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Re: APA configuration Problem

I can get you some more information when I get to work if you need it, but here it goes:

APA requires a patch to function correctly. I think it's called the 'APA cumulative patch' and I think there are 2 of them, depending on what version of APA you have. i.e. If you B.11.00.13 version, you need the patch that covers version 13. It's listed in the patch decription.

Here is my hp_apaconf:


# End of hp_apaconf configuration file

And one of the interfaces in hp_apaportconf:


I am tell the group which ports to go after, and in the portconf, telling the speed and duplex. It looks like you are getting a duplexing error somewhere in there. If your switch is set to 100FD for both ports, can you hard code you lan ports here? TO be honest, I haven't played much with the auto configuration, I just did it manually. (We just made a 400MB pipe aggregate and let it go from there...)

If all else fails, go into SAM and try it from there. You may not get it to work, but something might click after you get errors from SAM...

Hope it helps

rick jones
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Re: APA configuration Problem

I'm going to guess that the APA interface did not come up for reasons realted to that duplex mismatch error.

I'm going to guess that you have hardcoded one of the interfaces to a specific duplex setting, and it does not match the settings on the other interface. Unless you _know_ that autoneg does _Not_ work with the cisco switch, I'd suggest putting everything into autoneg (switch too) and see how things go from there.

IIRC, APA wants the settings on the different NICs to be the same.
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