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Allbase SQL Error Message 3041

Kilari Venkat Giri Babu
Occasional Advisor

Allbase SQL Error Message 3041

My database is Allbase is running on HP-9000.
When ever I am trying to connect databse through ISQL, I am getting error with SQLCODE:3041 and saying that Command rejected DBCore is terminating now. If am giving START DBE command , it is showing Allbase is already ruunning in multiuser mode. The database administrator is different from my logon. I refered Allbase messages and it is showing that DBE is shutdown by the Administrator, but I feel the explanation is not appropriate as I try to start dbe , it is showing that the database is already up and running in multi user mode. Can any expert help on this, please?

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steven Burgess_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Allbase SQL Error Message 3041

Not knowing the database. I would completely remove all connections to the db, completely shut it down and grep all other processes that belong to the db, then restart.

We run a lot of ingres db's (slowly migrating to oracle) when unable to get isql session or users reporting issues, the above tends to work

que, reasons why not to perform the above

Best way to get it back up and running, perform rca later
take your time and think things through