Audio from linux to Envizex?

Paavo Leinonen
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Audio from linux to Envizex?


how I can get a linux server so send audio (file, stream) to a
Envizex X-terminal? Using HP-UX server this is easy, just
use send_sound etc., but how about Linux?

Are Audio Dev. Kit or the audio libs available for Linux?

Are there other tools that are compatible with the Envizex
audio? Is the protocol used HP proprietary or is it X11 standard?

What I would like to do is something like this:

- play audio files from linux login server to Envizex terminal
- use linux login server to run a MP3 player to Envizex X-terminal
- etc.

I have now a Red Hat 7.0 box and Envizex p-series X-terminal
with audio installed, and everything but the audio works OK.

Albert E. Whale, CISSP
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Re: Audio from linux to Envizex?


What can I say other than, Yes! Yes you can.

I would first get Audio working on the Linux Server, but it will use the X11 protocol just like the HP Server, they are one in the same.

I would check the Audio HOWTO, and verify that your Audio Controller card is being recognized, once that happens, you will be set.

Good Luck. Please let me know if you need a link to the Audio HOWTO Pages.

Have a Great Day!
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