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CDE export on Debian


CDE export on Debian

Hello, I will export the CDE on my X client, a Debian. (the Xserver turns on a HP-UX 10.20). I have tried with SAM, and it worked, (i.e #sam -display ip_address:0.0), but now I am not sure if I can do the same with the CDE. I there somewhat special to do ?
Thanks in advance. Nico

Re: CDE export on Debian


You can get a CDE session on linux. If you got font errors, set up a font server on hp server.
Use 'ps -ef | grep xfs' to see if font server run.
On debian :
alt ctrl f6 to get a new console.
$ X :1 -query hpserver -fp tcp/hpserver:7000
you must get the dtgreet.
alt ctrl <- to kill the xserver and get the console

Rick Beldin
Esteemed Contributor

Re: CDE export on Debian

Some tips about display CDE on Linux:

- as the previous poster said, set up an HP font server. /sbin/init.d/xfs start will start one.

- in addition you might want to set the following environment variable prior to running dtterm terminal emulator:

export XKB_DISABLE=1

This last one is done because the XFree86 Xserver uses the XKEYBOARD extension and HP-UX's Xlib doesn't have support for this built in. You'll get some funny results with the shift and lock keys without this.
Necessary questions: Why? What? How? When?

Re: CDE export on Debian

Thanks a lot for your answers, it works fine !