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Can Oracle talk to SQL via ODBC?

Gary Seibak

Can Oracle talk to SQL via ODBC?

Does anyone know of an inexpensive ODBC Driver that will allow Oracle on HPUX to connect to other databases such SQL Server 2000?

Thanks in advance
Steve Steel
Honored Contributor

Re: Can Oracle talk to SQL via ODBC?


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Steve Steel
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Re: Can Oracle talk to SQL via ODBC?


ODBC for windows platfrom is free for download at Oracle website.
after down load ,install it with OUI to NT.
COnfigure it in NT control panel.
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Rob Bailey_1
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Re: Can Oracle talk to SQL via ODBC?

By far the easiest way to connect the two is to have the sqlserver machine odbc'ing to the unix oracle database.

You could then use relication on thr SQLSERVER box to mirror changes down, or trigger events based on data in tables.

Unix/Oracle -> Sqlserver requires 3rd party drivers. I'd feel very worried about relying on 3rd party drivers as I've had bad experiences in the past.
Victor Geere
Frequent Advisor

Re: Can Oracle talk to SQL via ODBC?

If the scenario allows you to do it the other way around SQL=>Oracle then rather do that.
It took me four years to get this working since I tried the first time (and plenty of soap in my mouth), but I cracked it yesterday.

Here's how:

Create a linked server in SQL Server
You need the Microsoft OLE-DB driver for Oracle that comes with SQL server. Don't use the Oracle OleDB driver.

You will also need to load the Oracle Client for Windows on the SQL server box.

Then in the SQL server manager console MMC,
under security/linkedservers, add a new server as follows -
Linked server =
Provider Name = 'Microsoft OLE DB provider for Oracle'
Product Name = MSDAORA
Data Source =
That you created and tested with the NET configuration assistant that comes with the Oracle Client, typically "_".

Once you've done this you can access the Oracle server from SQL server in SQL Query analyser as ...

You can even use an Oracle table and a SQL table in the same query! (In trasact-SQL ,my personal favourite)

Let me know if you get stuck. It wasn't easy, but well worth it.

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H.Merijn Brand (procura
Honored Contributor

Re: Can Oracle talk to SQL via ODBC?

Perl has extensive support for both Oracle and ODBC both local and networked.


I've used the ODBC drivers to connect three databases at once: Unify/DataServer on AIX 4.3, M$ Access on M$Win2k, and Oracle-7 on HP-UX 11.00
Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn