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Cannot get Sendmail::Milter compiled :-(

Michael Goerke
Occasional Contributor

Cannot get Sendmail::Milter compiled :-(


I'm trying to install Sendmail::Milter on an HP9000/B1000 box, HP-UX 11i. Perl was taken from HP (perl, v5.8.2 built for PA-RISC1.1-thread-multi, HP c-compiler used), sendmail is in its last version (8.12.11), and sendmail:Milter is 0.18.

After appending to site.config.m4:
APPENDDEF(`conf_sendmail_ENVDEF', `-DMILTER')
I cd-ed into ~/limilter and ran "sh Build" to build libmilter.a. Also the "sh build" in ~ worked fine.

But it didn't compile then, see details in the attachment.

I am pretty desparate because postings to a whole series of lists (sendmail-milter in the first place) did not help, and I am even wondering whether there was ever done a build on HP-UX.

A million thanks in advance,

Berlene Herren
Honored Contributor

Re: Cannot get Sendmail::Milter compiled :-(

Hi Michael, how would you like it in .depot, already compiled? Want to help us beta test sendmail based on 8.11.12?