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Change Oracle user password !!

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Chris Fung
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Change Oracle user password !!

Hi all,

If the oracle accounts do not "identified externally" therefore not using native operating system password to login oracle. How can the user change their password?? They need to issue "alter user identified by ;" to change their password !!

From the security point of view, is that granting "alter user" privilege to the normal user will allow them not only can change his/her password but also the others?? If yes, any other alternative solution to this issue.

Many thanks,

A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: Change Oracle user password !!

A regular user (ted) can change his own password but if he attempts to 'alter user fred identified by cookie;' he will get an 'insufficient privilege' error from sqlplus.
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Aashish Raj
Valued Contributor

Re: Change Oracle user password !!

With oracle 8i, the user can use password command to change the password.

Yes, if you grant alter user privilege, that user can change other users passwords also .

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Re: Change Oracle user password !!


if you are using Oracle 8i, you can create a procedure and grant execute on the procedure to users that are allowed to change password.

In the procedure you would use "execute_immediate()" to run the appropriate 'alter user $U identified by values ''$P''';
This applies to normal users.

Then for your superusers, you just grant them the "alter user" privilege if you want.

Hope this helps.

best regards
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Re: Change Oracle user password !!

Hi Chris,
Any user with a 'CONNECT' privilege can change his/her password i.e. issue the 'ALTER USER identified by .

To enable changing other users authorization/resource privilege, the 'ALTER USER' privilege is required.