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Changing PV IO Timeout

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Lai Nee Shyang_1
Frequent Advisor

Changing PV IO Timeout

Hi there

Can I change PV - "IO Timeout" when the PVs are in used? Anybody have done this before?


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Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Changing PV IO Timeout

Hi Lai,

You can change the PV timeout value as long
as the volume group is not being used in a
shared mode. What this means is being used
in shared environment, like clusters. So as long as the system is stand-a-lone there is no problem.

# pvchange -t 60 /dev/dsk/cXtXdX

Note the words from the man page of pvchange:
"pvchange cannot be performed if the volume
group is activated in shared mode."

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Andrew R.

Re: Changing PV IO Timeout

I have done it before in a cluster environment.
the only thing is that your
pvchange -t 60 /dev/dsk/cxtydz
will not affect the other nodes in the cluster eventhough they are sharing the same disk, the reason is this information are not written to the disk.
By the way if you still have the problem with 60 sec. try to increase it to 120 sec
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