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Cluster configuration

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Cluster configuration

Dear Experts

My company is planning to configure a linux cluster using RHEL 4 AS OS and Redhat Clustr suite for Oracle implimentation.My Externel Storage is EVA 4000.
Am very new to clustering ,so please help me ,how to configure this cluster.

2DL 380 Servers
HP EVA 4000 With SAN switches(i think to use this brocade switch as fence device)

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Re: Cluster configuration


as you have said you are new to clustering, and since clustering is a very wide subject in itself , first I would suggest to let us know how much you know about clusteing ( I mean, basic concepts, types of clustering, basic requirements of different types etc.). I assume that you are going to configure an HA cluster, for which you require a shared storage resource (like your EVA), min two servers, min 2 network adapters in each server recommended.

If you are very new to clustering, try to experiment with normal desktops, configure the different type of clusterings. You may also go to linux HA project (

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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: Cluster configuration

Download and read ALL Cluster Suite documentation provided by Red Hat in

To start, ensure that you have all the hardware needed. Check the documents for that.
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Re: Cluster configuration

I think i have all the required hardwares.I have 2 ethernetports,2 HBAs,1 switch and 2 San switch.
updated my systems from RHN and installed RedHat Cluster suite.
Am planning for HA cluster to run the oracle.
Vitaly Karasik_1
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Re: Cluster configuration

In fact, depending on your needs/budget you can choose another option - Oracle RAC (real application cluster). It provides HA too.