Code Crusader question

Andy Knox
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Code Crusader question

I have been using Code Crusader 2.1.4 quite happily for some time now on Red Hat 6.2. Since upgrading to RH 7.1 the 'functions' menu seems to have disappeared.

I thought that the problem might be due to the version of ctags included with RH 7.1. This is V5 whereas Code Crusader recommends using V3. Rather than install an older version and possibly break something else I have tried to force ctags to produce an older format output by creating the file /etc/ctags.conf containing the text "--format=1". This does not seem to have helped.

Any suggestions will be gratefully recived.

Unfortunatley, Code Crusader has now become a commercial product and no support is available without paying for the app. I may do this at some point but I don't have the cash right now!

- Andy