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Configuring Kernal Semaphore parameters

Andrew Moody_1
Regular Advisor

Configuring Kernal Semaphore parameters

My kernel has the following Kernel parameters set.

sema 1
semaem 16384
semmap 202
semmni 200
semmns 2000 Max Number of Semaphores
semmnu 8202
semmsl 4096 Maximum Number of Semaphores per ID
semume 10
semvmx 32767

Do the values for semmns and semmsl contradict each other?

Anything else spring to mind reading the above parameters?

All suggestions gratefully received.
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Eric Antunes
Honored Contributor

Re: Configuring Kernal Semaphore parameters

Hi Andrew,

If you run Oracle, I recomend you to increase semmni to 4096 and define semmap to (SEMMNI+2) and semmns to (SEMMNI*2) and semmnu to (NPROC-4).

Best Regards,

Eric Antunes
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