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Core Dump when accessing sqlplus!!

Ettienne Mong
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Core Dump when accessing sqlplus!!

Hi, we ahve just upgraded from oracle 734 to oracle 8. When I access sqlplus it returns with a core dump. my OS version 11.00 32/bit. We are running baan 4c if this is any help. What is the reason for this core dump and how do I fix this.

Please could you give some tips here.

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John Palmer
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Re: Core Dump when accessing sqlplus!!

Hi Ettienne,

There are several possibilities, among them are:-

1. Are you using RADIUS authentication?
2. Have you got the correct ORACLE_HOME/bin first in PATH and ORACLE_HOME set correctly?
3. Does SHLIB_PATH include $ORACLE_HOME/lib ?

Let me know if any of the above apply. If not, some more information would be useful.

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Re: Core Dump when accessing sqlplus!!


You may have to relink the oracle binaries after the upgrade to get rid of that problem:

1. # su - oracle
2. $ dbshut
3. $ cd ${ORACLE_HOME}/bin
4. $ mkdir orig
5. $ mv oracle svrmgrl sqlplus orig
6. $ cd ${ORACLE_HOME}/svrmgr/lib
7. $ make -f svrmgrl
8. $ mv svrmgrl ../../bin
9. $ cd ${ORACLE_HOME}/rdbms/lib
10. $ make -f oracle
11. $ chmod 6755 oracle
12. $ mv oracle ../../bin
13. $ cd ${ORACLE_HOME}/sqlplus/lib
14. $ make -f sqlplus
15. $ mv sqlplus ../../bin
16. Ensure that the new binaries have the correct permissions
by comparing them with the ones saved in

For example, the oracle binary needs these permissions:

$ ll bin/oracle
-rwsr-s--x 1 oracle dba 7503872 Mar 15 11:33 bin/oracle

17. $ dbstart

Additionally, make sure that you have the /etc/nsswitch.conf set up properly eg:
hosts: files [NOTFOUND=continue] dns

Also if you do a search for "core dump" AND oracle in the forums for other links.

good luck
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Alex Glennie
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Re: Core Dump when accessing sqlplus!!

Try getting some more info on what caused the core : eg try running a

file core & what core :
get latest patches installed, check what "cored" log files etc, rc.log syslog.log etc for clues ?