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DB Stop / Start

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DB Stop / Start

Dear All,

I would like to stop / start the DB in a remote server for few minutes. Because I have to take cold Backup by flashing the image to Shadow SAN and from there it will go to tape .

what are the possibility.

1. No cron Job. ( as per policy it has been desisabled )
2. No Control M - Automated tool is running.

3. But every week operator is stoping / starting

4. My tought , is there any possibility of running a cmd from Batch server to DB
server to stop / start. No rsh / rlogin all disabled. But sftp is there. Is it possible to connect and run any script at the
DB server.

Thanks in Advance.

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: DB Stop / Start

I don't think you can run a script via sftp, but if ssh connections are allowed then that is definitely possible.

# ssh remoteserver "command1 ; command2 ; etc"

Re: DB Stop / Start

Hi Patrick Wallek ,

Thanks for the quick response.

ssh is possible for normal support unix ids.

But then I have to generate the keys for oracle user and test it.

Could you give me more tips.

Vijayakumar S
Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: DB Stop / Start

do not use keys for the dba-user at all.

Install sudo.
Configure sudo to allow switch to the dba-user with shutdown and startup script.
This way, sudo will log which user has performed the action.

You would connect (using personal key-based authetication) i.e. like

ssh myuser@dbserver ""

and contains

sudo su - oradbauser -H csh -c "stopdb"
sudo execute_san_script
sudo su - oradbauser -H csh -c "startdb"