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DHCP Server problems

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Rainer von Bongartz
Honored Contributor

DHCP Server problems

I am configuring my 11.i box as a DHCP Server.

Whenever a DHCP request is received I can see that the server picks up a valid IP-Address from /etc/dhcptab but keeps on saying this address is not send with the following message:

Dec 3 11:27:46 hubble bootpd[2570]: Received DHCPDISCOVER creating DHCPOFFER.Request data: ci=0100B0D0BB6E2B, req IP, ciaddr, giaddr, broadcast reply off, server id not sent.
Dec 3 11:20:56 hubble bootpd[1779]: offer not sent: reason = 305

What is reason 305 ????
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Eugen Cocalea
Respected Contributor

Re: DHCP Server problems

Martin Schark
Frequent Advisor

Re: DHCP Server problems


I know, that tis answer is very late, but I had the same problem today. Here is what you have to do:

In the SAM configuration for DHCP (can be quickly checked with dhcptools -d) you should not set the broadcast address (ba: or parameter 28).

Delete the parameter 28 under additional internet params and everything should work fine.

Best regards,