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DISPLAY variable settings

Kamel Abada_2
Occasional Contributor

DISPLAY variable settings


one of my customers is trying to run an oracle 11i report in a browser from a windows pc . The application is running on an HP 9000 superdome partition running HP-UX 11i.The report contains graphics which means that the xserver needs to be running on the server.

What are the settings for the DISPLAY variable?

Is the use of a third party program like reflection X mandatory?

Many thanks
James R. Ferguson
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Re: DISPLAY variable settings


Your PC must have some variation of an X emulator running. Reflection/X or eXceed are excellent candidates.

Set the DISPLAY variable to the IP address of the workstation and export it (Posix shell syntax shown) like this:

# export DISPLAY=n.n.n.n:0.0

You can test your configuration with 'xclock'.


Peter Godron
Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

Re: DISPLAY variable settings

hi Kamel,

XVFB is the appropriate solution to your problem.

for more info see:

You may also search this forum for more help. This issue has already been discussed several times.

kind regards
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Re: DISPLAY variable settings

instead of messing about with X on the desktop, it would be better to use X on the server.
Try downloading VNC and running that on the server. By runnning VNC on the server, anybody can any X windows application directly on the server without the need for any slow add-ons to the PC. All you have to do is run vncserevr and the log file tells you what port number to connect to, for your private VNC / X session.