DL580 SUSE 9 install problems

Tom Stewart_2

DL580 SUSE 9 install problems

We have recently purchased DL580 Servers and are having problems installing SUSE 9 enterprise, After installing the OS the Server hangs during the reboot. I have tried all the different install options. I have also tried to load the smartstart 7.3 Linux CD but this also hangs. WE have 4 Servers and all have the same problem. I can install on DL360 without any problems. I would be gteatful for any help.

Thanks in advance
Danny Petterson - DK
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Re: DL580 SUSE 9 install problems

Maybe this can be of some assistance:


It states (for DL580 G4 and G5 among others):

"SLES 9 = SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9
For servers with dual core processors, SP1 (2.6.5-7.139 kernel) or greater is required"
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Re: DL580 SUSE 9 install problems

So, you mean that the servers are not booting even with the Smartstart CD? If yes, then the issue may not be with SUSE 9.

Does the Smartstart CD start to boot? Do you get the user interface for Smartstart? Try using another version of Smartstart, the latest available is Smartstart 7.7 (available at):


If this also fails to boot, you'd have to prepare to work with server hardware. Try different memory / CPU configuration. Try removing any additional cards/controllers. Once you isolate the component causing trouble, you should be able to install/boot SUSE 9 without any problems.