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DNS server fails

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DNS server fails

Hi I have problem in Linux server, I am using BIND DNS. As I guery any DNS servers in the Internet it fails.
can't find : Non-existent host/domain

When I check the syslog it says sysquery: nlookup error on

Oct 18 17:17:19 sinms03 named[1960]: group = 25
Oct 18 17:17:19 sinms03 named[1960]: user = med
Oct 18 17:17:19 sinms03 named[1960]: Ready to answer queries.
Oct 18 17:17:19 sinms03 named[1960]: sysquery: nlookup error on ?
Oct 18 17:17:28 sinms03 named[1960]: No root nameservers for class IN
Oct 18 17:17:28 sinms03 named[1960]: sysquery: nlookup error on ?

But locally can query

This is caching only DNS server

Can you anybody help ?
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Re: DNS server fails

Once the Bind package is installed it should create two essential files. The conf file which is located in /etc/named.conf and the zone directory in /var/named.

If you are upgrading from a 4.x version of bind, you will want to convert your named.boot file to the latest syntax for 8.x using the following command
/usr/sbin/named-bootconf /etc/named.boot >> /etc/named.conf

This will recreate your Bind configuration in the proper format.

If you are creating a fresh DNS server you will want to edit the default configuration file and create the proper zone references for your domains, as well as the reverse zone for the local network and any other IP subnets you control.
Attached you can find a very basic Bind 8.x configuration file and a basic configuration for a generic domain with basic comments on the functions within.

Hope this can Help you.
Regards Roberto

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Re: DNS server fails

Thanks Roberto, it's a not new DNS server.It's already configured by a person who have left.It's BIND ver 8.2. The /var/named/mydomain.db files are all created. Basically the DNS server is an Internal DNS server means it should forward the request to an external DNS server. I have put the external DNS server's ip address as forwarder , but still the same result. in between this DNS servers there's PIX Firewall .
attch :below is the named.conf file.