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Data Protector and Linux

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Gene Kenny
Regular Advisor

Data Protector and Linux

I plan on having a w2K3 cell mgr. Can a W2K3 cell mgr support Linux AS 2.1 clients. If so will I install the disk agent and on-line extensions locally?

John Poff
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Protector and Linux


We have a DP cell running on HP-UX and it supports AS 2.1 and 3.0 clients just fine. We're planning on moving our cell to Windows soon and I don't anticipate any problems. The DP cell will probably still prompt for a username/password when you push the clients. I haven't checked any documentation yet but I can't imagine it being a problem.

Gene Kenny
Regular Advisor

Re: Data Protector and Linux

Thanks, looking into this a little more 5.1 will require local install of the clt.

Andrea Rossi
Frequent Advisor

Re: Data Protector and Linux

we tested cell mgr on windows 2000 supporting redhat as 2.1; you need to upgrade your kernel version to 2.4.9-e24.
dirk dierickx
Honored Contributor

Re: Data Protector and Linux

it will work wo problems. however if you need the remote installation facilities, you will need to have a unix installation server.

Re: Data Protector and Linux

If you only have a Windows Cell Manager and Linux are the only Unix boxes inhouse then you can install DP 5.1 incl. on-line extention from the HP-UX DP 5.1 CD-ROM via the script (see pg 108 of installation.pdf which is found in the doc directory of your DP CD).
On pg 78 and further the Linux client installation is explained.

Installing patches afterwards is a bit tricky as you cannot push the patches but you need to extract them from the HP-UX DP patches (sort of cabinets per Unix variant).

I've included a small script which build patch depots for Linux systems, a.o.
Use it at your own risk, and it is unsupported tool by me or HP.
As a last remark: the results are working patch archives - read the comments in the script for the usage.
Gene Kenny
Regular Advisor

Re: Data Protector and Linux

Hi Gartien

Thanks for the script unfortunately I have not tried your script. I am still having an issue with installing the agent. I have read pages 108-110 of the install guide

I have copied the install script to the HD with the DP_DEPOT to /var/dp51

I enter exec /bin/ksh for the korn shell then
I have tries various combination of

ksh /var/dp51/ -source /var/dp51/DP_DEPOT -server deskpro -install da

the response I get is not found {84} : echo
note: [directory] is the location of DP_DEPOT directory

I am using RH 9 2.4.20-8

any thoughts would be greatly appericated