Device drivers on linux

Rene Krewinkel_1
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Device drivers on linux

I'm having a problem with (i think) using device drivers under linux.
The issue: a customers creates a tape using the dd command (on HP-UX) the contents of the tape consist of 3 files: a header, a data and a trailer file.
The header file is written to the standard device file for the tape the other files are written with a separate dd command each to a device file with an extra character at the end (e.g block or character device file).
The question: how can i achieve the same on a linux environment? (RedHat 6.2)

thanx for any suggestions!


Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: Device drivers on linux

Hello Rene,

To achieve this on Hp-ux, you would have used /dev/rmt/0mn, 1mn, ... where "n" stands for "no-rewind on close".

With Linux, you can do the same using /dev/nst0, /dev/nst1...

To position somewhere on the tape device, the command is the same on both systems : "mt".

Good luck.

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