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Error while installing Oracle

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Karthik S

Error while installing Oracle

HPUX 11i
Enclosed is the file containing the error..
I have executed the script as user root only.
And I am installing Oracle as user oracle..
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Re: Error while installing Oracle


this error is definitely about a file system in which the Installer is not able to write.

can you verify permission of the path where Installer Inventory is found?

kind regards
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Re: Error while installing Oracle


It seems that U have not run /tmp/
as root or have u forget to run this script.

When any Oracle software gets installs on
HPUX 11.11 it creates a oracle inventory in
/var/opt/oracle dir if it is not there.

/tmp/ script creates this dir
and u need root permission for it, hence u should
run it as root before proceeding to install.

After execution of /tmp/ u
proceed to install oracle software.

Also after everything get installed successfully
oracle again prompts to run a script
$ORACLE_HOME/ to create/edit file
/etc/oratab and to create some
utilities in /usr/local/bin.

Try once again by renaming /var/opt/oracle
and before that check permissions on /var/opt.

Karthik S

Re: Error while installing Oracle

Hi Yogeeraj, Santosh,
I checked the permissions of the following:

1. Oracle installer inventory is having permissions. I ran the "runInstaller" script as user oracle and the directory in which this script is placed is owned by user oracle.

2. Once I get the window where it asks to run "", I go to another window where I have logged in as root and then run that script, it runs successfully..

3. /var/opt/oracle also gets created.

Now which other file system permissions do I need to check and what should be the file permissions for which owner.
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Re: Error while installing Oracle

Hi Karthik,

In that case u check the Install logs of
Oracle Installation. It may be somewhere in /tmp
and the name may be like OraInstall*

The exact logfile is displayed in the Installer Window while Installation is going on.

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Re: Error while installing Oracle


Make sure if ur oracle user is having oinstall
as Primary Group and dba as supplemental group.
Oracle recommends oinstall as primary group.

Also set umask to 022 for user root and oracle's .profile.