Exchange client for Linux?

Don Vanco
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Exchange client for Linux?

Hello all -
A friend told me that he thought H-P had come out with a mail client that
allowed *nix to take full advantage of the services provided in a Microsoft
Exchange based mail system. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Simon Waters_2
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Re: Exchange client for Linux?

Don't know the product you are refering to.

I think that the Netscape products offer pretty good interoperability via IMAP,
but this is on the basis of hearsay, I've not used it myself.
Aaron Vincent_2
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Re: Exchange client for Linux?


HP has release OpenMail 6.0 which is supported on Linux. You can get more info
or specifically:

I've seen Microsoft Outlook being able to connect to an OpenMail server will an
additional MAPI software. I imagine the might still work with the OpenMail
server on Linux.

Is this what you mean by an "exchange server"? Exchange Server is a seperate
product by Microsoft.