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FTP error

FTP error

Hi All,

I am getting error
while doing FTP to same server .
For ex:

host1 :>ftp host1
ftp: connect to address Connection refused
ftp: connect: Connection refused

Even i made entries into /etc/hosts and .rhosts

(Node:error on SUN server)

Can anybody suggest me?

Thanks in ADV.
Suraj K Sankari
Honored Contributor

Re: FTP error


Did you check /var/adm/inetd.sec ?
Is there any entry related ftp ?

Did you check inetd.conf ftp line should not be # example
ftp stream tcp6 nowait root /usr/lbin/ftpd ftpd -a -l
check with /etc/ftpaccess

what u r getting if u do
ftp localhost

Ganesan R
Honored Contributor

Re: FTP error

Hi Pratibha,

It looks ftp service is disabled on the ftp server. It is not unusual that people use to disable insecure ftp service and enable secure ftp like sftp(part of SSH)

Check inetd.conf and /etc/services to confirm ftp service is enabled.

PS(Not sure about conf files on sun)
Best wishes,

Simeon Harwood
Regular Advisor

Re: FTP error

Another thing to look at is this: -
are the 2 servers on the same subnet or different. Have a look at the IP addreses of both servers, if they are on differnet subnets, then you will need some routing between them.
# lanscan
# ifconfig lan0
# netstat -rn

Check to see if you can ping between the hosts after checking this.
You cuold also see if the FTP pot is open and listening by using this command: -
# telnet 21
(21 being the post that FTP uses)
If you get a "connection refused", then the post may not be listening.
Go onto the server, and use this command to see if it's listening: -
# netstat -a |grep -i ftp
and look for somthing like this: -

tcp 0 0 *.ftp *.* LISTEN

If you don't see this line, then FTP is not running.
If this is the case, have a look in /etc/services to see if ftp is commented out.

You never had this problem with a pencil and paper!
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: FTP error

> [...]
> Check to see if you can ping between the
> hosts after checking this.
> [...]

"Connection refused" normally means that the
it was possible to connect to the remote
system, but that there was no server program
running (or configured to run) for the port
requested. So, if you get "connection
refused", there's no need to look at all that
network stuff. You need to figure out why
there's no FTP server running/configured on
the remote system.

> (Node:error on SUN server)

You seem to be lost.