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Fault in FC-HBA Configuration?

Mario Pulsfort
Occasional Contributor

Fault in FC-HBA Configuration?

Here is the output for a qlogic FC2214 FC-HBA running with SLES9-x86_64:

QLogic PCI to Fibre Channel Host Adapter for QLA2340:
Firmware version 3.03.18 IPX, Driver version 8.01.03-p4-fo
ISP: ISP2312, Serial# K72086
Request Queue = 0x2ff640000, Response Queue = 0x1ff500000 Request Queue count = 2048, Response Queue count = 512 Total number of active commands = 0 Total number of interrupts = 702214 Device queue depth = 0x10 Number of free request entries = 296 Number of mailbox timeouts = 0 Number of ISP aborts = 0 Number of loop resyncs = 0 Number of retries for empty slots = 0 Number of reqs in pending_q= 0, retry_q= 0, done_q= 0, scsi_retry_q= 0 Number of reqs in failover_q= 0 Host adapter:loop state = , flags = 0x1a03 Dpc flags = 0x4000000 MBX flags = 0x0 Link down Timeout = 008 Port down retry = 030 Login retry count = 016 Commands retried with dropped frame(s) = 160 Product ID = 4953 5020 2020 0002

Whats the meaning of the "Commands retried with dropped frame(s) = 160" entry?
Is this a fault or just informational?

Occasional Visitor

Re: Fault in FC-HBA Configuration?

I've the same cue...
Have you solved your question?
(I like to know your solution...)
Many thanks in advance.

Honored Contributor

Re: Fault in FC-HBA Configuration?

Do you have a real problem rather than what you see here?

I suggest to check the SAN switch logs?