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File Systems

C.J. Ghorayeb
Occasional Visitor

File Systems

OS- HPUX 10.2

What is the fastest way to move from hfs to vxfs ?

Thank you.
Stephen J Delli
Occasional Visitor

Re: File Systems

There isn't really a fast way to go from HFS to VXFS . you can use mkfs to
convert but this will blow away the data in what was the HFS filesystem.
do the following:
It may not be the fastest but it will save your data.

1) Backup the system or at least the filesystem you are going to convert
2) umount the filesystem
3) newfs -F vxfs /dev/vgname/rlvol_name .. yes you can use mkfs to do the same
4) vi /etc/fstab -> change the line for this file system to reflect vxfs and
the aurguments that go with it .
5) mount -a
6) bdf -> verify the file system did mount
7) restore the data

Hope that helps

Stephen Delli
Gary M. Moore_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: File Systems

Are you using LVM? If so just migrate your existing data from the existing HFS
filesystem to a new VXFS filesystem (logical volume), then remove the old HFS
filesystem and reclaim that space for the next new VXFS (or dump your data to
tape, remove the HFS and readd it as VXFS and reload).

If you've got OS filesystems to change (I.E. /opt, /var, /usr) the process
becomes a bit different (since they are part of the OS and are by nature "busy"
filesystems) I use the hillbilly engineering approach: (might be easier in
single user mode). Make a FS of similar size, cpio everything from (example)
/var to the new FS and edit your fstab to point /var to the new "copy" device
and /var_tmp (or whatever name) to the old device. This will allow you to boot
with /var from an alternate location allowing you to remove and readd the
original as VXFS. After that, cpio your data from /var_tmp back to /var, change
your fstab back to the original device and once booted remove /var_tmp.

SHORT ANSWER: There is no quick way.
REMINDER: Don't forget that /stand requires HFS.

Good Luck!
Jeff Huff
Occasional Visitor

Re: File Systems

The easiest way I know of, is to create a new filesytem of the
type VXFS, and just cpio the data from the old filesystem into
the new, change the mountpoints, and your on your way.
That assumes you have enough space to copy the filesystem in the first place.
Your other choice, would be to backup your existing filesytem,
umount the filesystem, rebuilt it as VXFS, and restore.

I have used both procedures, with no failures. I prefer the first method
Arun Pannase_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: File Systems

Use Ignite ver 2.0 or later.

Arun Pannase_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: File Systems

Sorry for the incomplete Ignite suggetion..For you On Line Jfs will be the
faster way to convert from HFS to VXFS.Ignite will help you to make faster
backup of root file system and restore it on new vxfs file system.