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For sendmail start

For sendmail start

Hi Experts,

I have build sendmail and install its in own location..and then..
I have stop default sendmail. and try to start own sendmail...
i have get two issue..

1-When try to start our sendmail we get following error...

bm map "Alias0": missing map /etc/mail/aliases
User unknown

2- Default sendmail is stoped but if i send mail by "mailx" its gone through sendmail.
In received mail shown sendmail version which is default sendmail.And i have also check process for sendmail.But its not exist in system after stoped.

>ps -ef | grep sendmail
subrat 24436 23818 0 06:29:24 pts/tc 0:00 grep sendmail

If we stop sendmail then how to mail send through mailx...

Please give any solution for same.
Thanks in advance.

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: For sendmail start


Most likely there are problems with how you built sendmail.

1) Configure /etc/rc.config.d/sendmail or mailsrvrs first variable to zero.

2) swremove the depot version of sendmail.

3) Then try yours. You may need to re-install. mailx should work normally.

After that fails, either fix your compile or remove your sendmail. Then swinstall the latest sendmail from

You can do ANYTHING you want with the depot version if you learn how to use macros. I suggest as a good place to learn macros.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation