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Gdb Error while mounting the database

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Gdb Error while mounting the database

Hi Experts

i am facing one error..See i am started my Oracle Database its going upto mount state but stay some time afterwards it showing error GDB error .This is an HP-Itanium server..Pls help to close this issue.i attached the error file with this.
Mustafa Gulercan
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Re: Gdb Error while mounting the database

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Re: Gdb Error while mounting the database

Hi Mahendran,

You should have gdb installed on your IA-64 server. Get it from

(You need to register DSPP. It is free)

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Indira Aramandla
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Re: Gdb Error while mounting the database

Hi Tdmahenrda,

GDB is a debugger. The purpose of is to allow you to see what is going on "inside"' another program while it executes-or what another program was doing at the moment it crashed.

Did you install gdb. Do you have the symbolic link to gdb64 in /opt/langtools/bin directory.

The error "Waited for detached process" is usually signalled in an Oracle function to spawn a detached process. This means the wait() OS call returned an error

See the associated error number for mode details. Problem could had occurred while determine the blocksize of controlfile

Indira A
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