Ghost for Linux

Asim Nazeer
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Ghost for Linux

I wana know that can I make a ghost image of Linux as we can for windows??
Rick Garland
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Re: Ghost for Linux

You mean something like Ignite for HPUX?

Check out Mondo.

Lots of posts in this forum about the functionality of this tool.

Ivan Ferreira
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Re: Ghost for Linux

Mondo is a great tool, also SystemImager.
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Gopi Sekar
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Re: Ghost for Linux

I believe, Ghost can do imaging of linux filesystems also

Check this link, for gpl-ed ghost for linux.

you can also use systemimager (

Also you can look at HP's product RDP (Rapid deployment pack)

Hope this helps,
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Donny Jekels
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Re: Ghost for Linux

I was able to ghost linux ide disks successfully with ghost 7.0

Make sure you check the boot sector options as needed.
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David Kirk_2

Re: Ghost for Linux

I've used g4u a lot. Boot off a floppy or CD and it will upload a disk or partition image to an FTP server. Check out

For the person who recommended g4l, you might like to read this


David Kirk
Florian Heigl (new acc)
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Re: Ghost for Linux

David, good news on g4l vs. g4u:

A few weeks ago I read that the original 'author' abandoned g4l and some contributor did finally add a notice about it's origin and rewrote the stuff.
Hubert might still not be completely happy, but I'd say there's a compromise been found.

but IMO g4u is the far better tool still, and mondo probably is the very best of them all :)
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Andrea Rossi
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Re: Ghost for Linux

try a dd image:

1 - boot from live cd on server1
2 - boot normally on server2
server2:>netcat -l -p 9000 | dd of=myimg.tar.gz

server1:> dd if=/dev/sda bs=10M | gzip -- stdout | netcat server2 9000

Bill Thorsteinson
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Re: Ghost for Linux

If you use GRUB or a similar boot manager
you do not need to ghost an image of Linux.
You can use tar, cpio, or pax to backup the
partition, then restore the partition and
boot. This allows restoration to different

There are a variety of options for recovering
intial formatting of the disk; recovery
floppies, network boot images, and bootable cd images.

You can clone grub using DD to copy the first
track of the disk. This assumes standard

sfdisk will backup and restore your partition
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Re: Ghost for Linux

Hello I am cloning redhat linux AS 3 on a DL580 that has the Smart array controller. Two disks are in a raid 0+1 raid for the OS and the other 4 are in a raid 5 for the apps.

My question is, has anyone used mondo on this hardware or very similar HP/Compaq hardware and does it work right out of the box without having to tweak mondo(note I plan on makeing an image and then downloading it from a ftp server as far as methods go)?

Second question:
Is the mondo backup restore the image fully bootable as ignite would in HPUX?

If you have experience with mondo on the DL580/similar I would really appreciate your input. Thanks.