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HP Pavillion ze2000 drops net connection

Ted Frazier
Occasional Contributor

HP Pavillion ze2000 drops net connection

I can't keep my Pavillion online except at home with my primary connection. If I try to connect wireless or through an ethernet cable I'll get the connection and it will periodically drop me.

I can connect via WIFI sometimes at cafes and the like but I set up a router at home and it identifies the network but won't connect at all. (It's not a WEP issue, I have no security set up). I have a different wifi router that I can connect to. That's the only connection I am able to get and maintain. IT's very frustratioin
Alexander Rajula
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Pavillion ze2000 drops net connection

I know what you are experiencing.
What kernel are you running?
In either way, give Grub the kernel-option "noapic" when booting. You can edit the Grub configuration file which is located at /boot/grub/menu.list (or grub.conf).
On the line which states "kernel" followed by the kernel path, try adding noapic after that.

For example:
kernel /boot/vmlinuz noapic

Hope that solved it.