HPUX - RH Linux

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Scott McDade
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HPUX - RH Linux

I am in the middle of migrating my application from HPUX to RH Linux. I am pleasantly surprised how easy the transition and recompiling the binaries has been. Now I am working on user level issues which is what I would consider this item. In HPUX my users utilized the center mouse button and using the /home//.dt/dtwmrc file to assigned custom apps it. In the current environment which is RH Linux using bash shell there doesn’t appear to be anything similar. Can you tell me if the is away to configure the right and center mouse buttons so I can use custom apps?

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dirk dierickx
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Re: HPUX - RH Linux

what are you saying, that when a user presses the center or the right button an application starts up? weird, i don't know of any tool that does that in linux, although you probably can do something like that.
Brendan Peter Murphy
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Re: HPUX - RH Linux

No, What Scott is saying is that the CDE environment provided in HPUX allows a user to customise his mouse, specifically the centre button which will bring up a menu of apps that can be executed. These can even be broken down into submenu's, which can be useful for grouping functions/apps/activities together.... I suppose you could say it's similar to the programs menu in MS ... but without the need to move the mouse to the start icon, just click the middle mouse button.

I'd be interested to see how this can be done too.


Steven E. Protter
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Re: HPUX - RH Linux



the .dt directory is for CDE settings.

CDE does not exist on Linux, you will need to work with the settings for gnome or kde with your application. Probably a little code changes required in that event.

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Re: HPUX - RH Linux

You probably won't have much luck getting Red Hat's GNOME or KDE to look or act like CDE. In the past xfce was closer to CDE, and there are other window managers that can be customized to be more like what your people are used to.

I would recommend standardizing on one, learning it well, and educating your users on "the new way". GNOME is very resource-heavy (and I personally dislike it), but it will be well-supported on Red Hat. If your users are doing remote logins to a server or running Linux VMs on their desktops then you probably want something lighter.
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Re: HPUX - RH Linux

There must be some way to do this.

I haven't tested this but strongly feel that this will solve your problem.


You can get the packages for RH also or compile them from sources.
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