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Help on MF cobol compiler

Thanigai G
Occasional Visitor

Help on MF cobol compiler

Hello Friends,

We are migrate the cobol programs from Hitachi cobol to Microfocus cobol and from oracle 8i to oracle 10g.
We are unable to compiler the program and it is giving error message "Unknown COPY file RISYVLDH specified".

I'm not sure, how to include the header files, when compiling the source program.

cob -z -L/opt/microfocus/cobol/lib -T -P -i /cust/ris/working/tgovin01 -i /cust/ris/stst/inc
-i /cust/ris/dev/inc -i /cust/ris/test/inc -i /cust/ris/prod/inc
-shared-lib -wl,-DD64 risp511h.cob -o risp511h /u001/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/precomp/lib/cobsqlintf.o
-lclntsh -lrcmldbch -lrcmlexuh -lrcap800h -lrsort -lagent8 -lclient8 -lcommon8 -lcore8 -lgeneric8 -ldbicx8
-lm -lsql8

Any help please !!!
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Help on MF cobol compiler

You might want to look to Microfocus and their documentation.
Frank de Vries
Respected Contributor

Re: Help on MF cobol compiler

Normally you should have make files
from the sources/object files on your hitatchi system that did the cooking in your old cobol.

They obviously refer to the Oracle 8i libraries of that version tehre.

However, the set of libraries for Oracle 10g
has changed.

Contact Oracle metalink to get an updated
list and update your make files.

As long a you use the standard options
of The microfocus cobol compilor , it should
behave like any old Cobol compilor.

Look before you leap