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How can add 2nd instance (ORACLE_SID) in SG toolkit.

Sonjoy Chakraborty
Occasional Contributor

How can add 2nd instance (ORACLE_SID) in SG toolkit.



This is Sonjoy from Bangladesh. I've faced difficulties to add the 2nd instance in package. Please see the below details.

We’ve already configured and created cluster package (ora_pkg) for Oracle using Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit for the 1st instance. It works fine. But now I have to integrate one more ORACLE_SID using service guard.


*** Environment Information***
1. Hardware: HP BL870c
2. OS  Version:  HP-UX 11iV3
3. High Availability: 2 nodes ServiceGuard cluster.
4. Database:  Oracle11gR2 with Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit.

*** Oracle toolkit configuration Information ****


1. We’ve created a package name ora_pkg for the 1st instance (SID).
2. Which contains oracle home, give ip , lvm volumes, start db1, start listener1.
3. For integrating the Oracle 1st instance (1st ORACLE_SID) I,ve changed haoracle.conf file in the ora_pkg.

4. Both ORACLE_SIDs use the same ORACLE_HOME location (/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1).
5. Both Instances use the same shared disks (volume groups) which mentioned in the ora_pkg package’s CNTL file

Now what should we do for the 2nd instance.  Shall we create new package or existing one can work for both instances?

Sonjoy Chakraborty

Palaniappan Sivakumar
Occasional Visitor

Re: How can add 2nd instance (ORACLE_SID) in SG toolkit.

If you intend to use the second instance as part of the same package (ie a single service for your business need), you can combine the startup and shutdown in the same package script. If you have a need to move the second pkg to a different node (based on your (again) business need), you have to isolate your sources (including oracle home + database files) in different volumes, create a second pkg (with different IP etc.,) and a new package startup/shutdown (or control scripts) need to be developed.


For SG use, proper design and upfront isolation of resources (disks NICs) are key. I hope this helps.


Re: How can add 2nd instance (ORACLE_SID) in SG toolkit.

As you have currently common file systems for Oracle binary and data files other instance also have to run on the same node if that is the desirable either you can combine startup of both databases into same package, else if you want separate package for both instance you may divide the packages into three, two of them for starting and stop just the instance and one package for activating storage, binding IP and starting listener, then make inter package dependency like the DB instance packages will start only if  the storage package is up and running on the same node, but this is work around solution,


else have separate ORACLE_HOME and datafile storage for each databases and group them as separate packages or install ORACLE_HOME locally on each node only include respective database file storage in cluster package, this is good rolling upgrade of Oracle patches.