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How do I get HP-UX?

Brian Mastenbrook
Occasional Contributor

How do I get HP-UX?

The roosevelt ACM at just recieved a generous donation of 7 9000 C110 workstations, 1 735/125, a 715/75, and a 715/80. I've looked all over on the HP site, and the closest I can find is a "free license" page, but no download. How can I go about getting the latest version of HP-UX that will run on these?

Brian Mastenbrook -
Brian Mastenbrook
Occasional Contributor

Re: How do I get HP-UX?

Oops - please disregard. This was supposed to be in general. I don't know how it ended up here!
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: How do I get HP-UX?

Normally, the OS License comes with each box BUT unless you are on HP Support then the answer to your question is that you buy it.
You might contact an HP Rep and see what they are willing to do for your organization.

From memory, the only one of these beasts that will run 11x is the 715/80.
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Re: How do I get HP-UX?


Pls go thro this Matrix

Check out which OS runs on these workstations and then you can buy the same from HP.

Brian Mastenbrook
Occasional Contributor

Re: How do I get HP-UX?

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. Only the 735/125 and 715/75 will not run 11i - all the rest including the c110's will. I will contact HP as we have no money and no budget but would love to get these beautiful machines up and running.
Mark Vollmers
Esteemed Contributor

Re: How do I get HP-UX?


you might want to check and see if the donor had (has) the cd's for them. I would think that if I had four machines and four cd's, you could just load and go, since the donor had a license. even if you had old cd's, it might be easier to talk yourself into an upgrade as opposed to new stuff. just a thought.

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Brian Mastenbrook
Occasional Contributor

Re: How do I get HP-UX?

Thanks - we recieved no CDs with the units. We will try and boot them up and salvage the existing installs but otherwise will need new media.
Gregory Fruth
Esteemed Contributor

Re: How do I get HP-UX?

My understanding is that up through HP-UX 11.0,
ownership of the computer itself gives you a license
to use HP-UX. Therefore, you simply need to get
the install media. Options for that are:

1) buying from HP (costs $$$, but is totally

2) buying the CDs from someone on eBay, etc.
(reasonable cost, and AFAICT is legitimate)

3) borrowing or copying the CDs from someone
(free, but I dunno how legitimate it is)

As of HP-UX 11i the licensing has changed.
There's a per-processor license; however
it's not clear to me when you need to buy it.

There's a slim chance you can get a straight
answer by contacting HP using the link below
(and I say that without any irony whatsoever).

Perhaps the following links will also be of interest:

Re: How do I get HP-UX?


Were able to get the CD's you were looking for ?