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How to configure SMTP relay in HPUX 11.31

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How to configure SMTP relay in HPUX 11.31

Hi All,


I have configured SMTP relay in HPUX 11.31 as following.


# vi /etc/mail/


DS <SMTP relay name / IP>


I sent mails to other domain using following command.


 #mailx -s "hai" -r


But mail is not receied in outside domain.


I am getting follwoing error to my mail address


Delivery Failure Report
Your message: DELIVERY FAILURE: 554 Relay rejected for policy reasons.
was not delivered to:

because: 554 Relay rejected for policy reasons.

What should you do?
You can resend the undeliverable document to the recipients listed above by choosing the Resend button or the Resend command on the Actions menu. 
Once you have resent the document you may delete this Delivery Failure Report.
If resending the document is not successful you will receive a new failure report.
Unless you receive other Delivery Failure Reports, the document was successfully delivered to all other recipients.




But the same SMTP realy configuration "DS <SMTP relay name / IP>" is working fine in HPUX 11.11.



Could you please let me know if I need to configure any other parameter other than  "DS <SMTP relay name / IP>"   in HP-UX 11.31?

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Re: How to configure SMTP relay in HPUX 11.31

You should check the Delivery Failure Report message to find out which server sent it: was it your SMTP relay, or the mail server? Depending on the answer, you should contact either the SMTP relay administrator or someone at, explain your situation and ask about their email policy.


Once you know what was wrong with your email, you can fix it. Perhaps your SMTP relay has a list of systems allowed to relay through it, and your 11.11 system is on that list but 11.31 isn't. (A SMTP relay that allows anyone on the Internet to use it to relay mail anywhere is a very bad thing, and would be blacklisted by other mail server administrators pretty soon.)


Are both your servers registered in the DNS in the same way? If your 11.11 server is properly registered to DNS (both forward and reverse records) but your 11.31 server isn't, this could be the problem: the receiving server is seeing you using an IP with no public DNS registration (or a registration that does not match the hostname claimed in the email headers) and thinks you are a spammer.