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How to configure network in RH9?

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How to configure network in RH9?

I thought I did this during installation and I can't ping my own IP.

I'm using a USB ethernet adapter and not a true PCI or ISA NIC. I'm thinking this may not be a supported device. How can I check this?
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Krishna Prasad
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Re: How to configure network in RH9?

I would check with the manufacture of the card and see if they have any special requirements for Linux. If they use a special driver it may require a kernel/module recompile.

I did have to do this when setting up teaming for Intel cards on SuSE.
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Jerome Henry
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Re: How to configure network in RH9?

Hi Bill,

Click on redHat / system tools, control of network peripheral (might be slightly different name, I'm translating fom my french box), you should have your device there, make sure it's started at boot time.

If it's not, run kudzu from a shell, or click redhat / system tools, hardware browser and search for it.

Let us know...

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John Meissner
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Re: How to configure network in RH9?

To check for supported devices look at:

as for the network....

if you use KDE go to the KDE control panel and go to network settings. Check that they are correct .
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: How to configure network in RH9?

If its not on he hardware list, then you have two choices:

1) Go to the manufacturer for a driver/procedure
2) Write your own driver.

A lot of hardware these days will have a little penguin picture on it, indicating its been tested and works with Linux.

Linux will only detect the hardware the distributor taught it to detect. That is a vast array of hardware, but its not infinite. None of these companies has $40 Billion in the bank like Microsoft does.

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Balaji N
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Re: How to configure network in RH9?

if you had it done during the installation chances are that your card was detected.

can u see if /var/log/messages contains some entries for your card.

also see if this is not due to a problem with your firewall.

just my 2paise.
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