If you are a Python programmer

Ph Vouters
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If you are a Python programmer

Dear everyone,


Which programmer has not heard about Python ? But who has heard about Cython ? The paper at http://vouters.dyndns.org/tima/Linux-Python-Cython-What_is_Cython_usefull_for.html will give the advantage I have seen with Cython as soon as a Python code is involved. As usual with me, you have access to everything I used, the facts I observed and finally based my conclusion onto. Up to you to make up your own mind.


However and as I wrote some individuals of my knowledge, this is not yet with tools like Cython you will do lots at reasonnable performances on very low acquisition cost boards such as those Raspberry very inexpensive computers. Languages such as C/C++/Fortran/Ada where you can highly optimize both the performances and the memory footprint keep still worth to consider, far prior any of those Perl/PHP/Python/Ruby/Tcl/Java and the like.


Post-scriptum : this is indeed not the best place where to post. However HP does not offer me something more adequate.


Yours truly,