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Informix error

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Pedro Cosmen
Valued Contributor

Informix error


I have a problem with an old F30 server runnig HP-UX 10.20 and Informix 7.31. every time i try to start Informix failed and the message i nthe online.log is :

Wed Dec 15 12:20:50 2004

12:20:50 Event alarms enabled. ALARMPROG = '/usr/bin/true'
12:20:56 DR: DRAUTO is 0 (Off)
12:20:56 listener-thread: err = -27006: oserr = 226: errstr = : Network driver
cannot establish listen endpoint.
System error = 226.
12:20:56 Attempting to bring listener thread down.

12:20:56 Server stopped.

Thank you for your help.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Informix error

Check the sqlhosts (in INFORMIXDIR )
and /etc/services file has the same name and entry for services.

also check the host IP is listed in /etc/hosts file
Occasional Advisor

Re: Informix error

please make sure INFORMIXSERVER variable is set to instant name
Frequent Advisor

Re: Informix error

Have a look under /INFORMIXTMP and see what files are there (post the ls -latr output)

If you have no other instances try :


and then

oninit -v

This will re-create /INFORMIXTMP.

If you have other instances, you would need to post your DBSERVERNAME and DBSERVERALIAS along with the $INFORMIXDIR/etc/sqlhosts file.
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Pedro Cosmen
Valued Contributor

Re: Informix error

Thank you for your help, it was an .str file in the INFORMIXTMP dir.