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Install Linux Debian in the Proliant DL380 G5


Install Linux Debian in the Proliant DL380 G5

Il try to install the linux Debian etch in Server Proliant DL 380 G5
and i had some problémes:
1- i cant start the network installation
2- when i try to install withe CD installation, that's not work :(

Can you help mee please.

Honored Contributor

Re: Install Linux Debian in the Proliant DL380 G5

The NIC driver modules included in Debian etch may simply be too old to support the integrated NICs of a DL380 G5.
If possible, try installing Debian Lenny instead.

"That's not work :(" is not an useful problem description.
What exactly did you do?
What did you expect to happen next?
What did you see instead?

If there was an error message, what did it say?

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Install Linux Debian in the Proliant DL380 G5


1) boot at console, configure the disk array to present a disk to the OS. There is a function key interrupt that brings up an easy to follow menu.
2) Boot off media and try again.

"thats not work:("

Cute phrase that says nothing. What is the error code. Post it exactly to the thread. Someone might recognize it and give you a work around instead of guessing.

I personally don't have time to guest. Next thread. Good Luck.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Daniel Frazier
Frequent Advisor

Re: Install Linux Debian in the Proliant DL380 G5

I don't know of any issues w/ etch on the dl380g5, but it is an older release, and security support ended for it a couple of months ago.

Here's a howto:

Debian 5.0 ('lenny') is the current stable release of Debian. Documentation on installing Debian 5.0 is available here: