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Install oracle9i in SAN

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Wan Z.L
Occasional Visitor

Install oracle9i in SAN

My current work need install Oracle9i in SAN storage (also need share some space with other file system).
how to design LUNs?
Welcome your advice.
Simon Hargrave
Honored Contributor

Re: Install oracle9i in SAN

You really need much more information to decide this: -

- What is your database, OLTP? Data Warehouse? etc
- What is your SAN storage, high-end eg XP1024, AutoRAID EVA/VA? JBOD?
- How are the disks spread in your array? All the same, varying sizes, RAID level?
- What else will share the storage, any high data bandwidth apps?
- What already exists on there?
- What is your connectivity? How many fibre channels, dual-paths, etc?

Without at least this I don't think recommendations can be made.
Jean-Luc Oudart
Honored Contributor

Re: Install oracle9i in SAN


similar question has been asked in the past.
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