Installing VxFS, Backup and Recovery

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Tong Ker Yang
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Installing VxFS, Backup and Recovery


I would like to inquire how to install VxFS filesystem on Redhat 7.3. This is because I would like to restore some Oracle database files from HP-UX onto Redhat Linux 7.3. I have managed to get Omniback working to restore files onto the Linux box. However I can't startup the DB due to the difference in filesystem. Please advise on the feasibility.

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Paulo A G Fessel
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Re: Installing VxFS, Backup and Recovery

Humm, are you sure that Oracle does not start on Linux due to FS difference? AFAIK, Oracle datafiles are agnostic of the FS type they are, as long large files are supported when you have datafiles larger than 2 GB.

Also, you can't assume that the datafiles you use in HP-UX are compatible with those on Linux - if your HP-UX is 64 bit based they surely won't be compatible at all. Our DBA says that is impossible even make Solaris Oracle 32-bit talk with datafiles created with Solaris Oracle 64-bit!

Anyway, VxFS is not supported at RH7.3. The binary VxFS modules that Veritas provide are incompatible with the kernels provided by RH. So your best bet is to use one of excellent journaling file systems present on RH7.3 (ReiserFS, XFS and ext3 are all great choices), make an ASCII dump of the database on HP-UX and import this dump back into Linux.

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