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Itanium and Risc with Oracle 10G

james gould
Frequent Advisor

Itanium and Risc with Oracle 10G

Have Itanium server running Oracle 10G for Itanium. Wondering if I can have a backup machine that is Risc based running 10G and still have file transfers without issues?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Itanium and Risc with Oracle 10G


Probably won't work. Oracle maintains two code sets for Oracle 10G.

This means the data may be a little different and conversion may be required before opening the database. Worth a metalink tar, but we work extensively with Oracle.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Honored Contributor

Re: Itanium and Risc with Oracle 10G

hi James,

there may be issues depending on the OS version that you are using.

What type of "file transfers" do you want to make?

kind regards
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Re: Itanium and Risc with Oracle 10G

Hi James

If you want to use DataGuard you cannot. Because DataGuard needs same CPU arch. on both server

in 10G there is a new feature, transportable tablespaces between databases. But it also has own limitations like DataGuard.

Please look at
.Oracle 10G Administrator Guide->
..8 Managing Tablespaces->
...Transporting Tablespaces Between Databases

Best Regards
Murat Suluhan