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Kernel Compile using SAM

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Kernel Compile using SAM

Hi Guys,

Re SAM kernel compile being the easiest and safest - last time I used SAM for Kernel recompile in 2001 ( using HPUX 11.00 I believe )after when SAM rebooted the system it didnt run any shutdown scripts ( eg DB shutdowns ) and Oracle Databases needed a recovery after startup.Is this also standard for HPUX versions 11.11+ SAM or was it just an old version or perhaps a site specific bug.This can be a serious consideration as to using SAM or manual method unless using SAM you need to run "shutdown now" to SUM and then do SAM kernel compiles.
Can someone shed more light please, I cant find any forum hits for this .

Thanks in advance.

Re: Kernel Compile using SAM

(You rebuild or regen a kernel, not compile.)

I don't remember if SAM does a shutdown or just reboot.
swinstall documents: reboot_cmd=/sbin/reboot