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Kernel Thread

Gopal Krishnamoorthy_1
Occasional Visitor

Kernel Thread

We are getting the following error message from one of application called ESSBASE.
"{OS MESSAGE} Failed to create thread. Not enough space"
Can some throw some light on the cause and help us
Kent Ostby
Honored Contributor

Re: Kernel Thread

In general "Not enough space" means that the system returned ENOSPC which is errno 28:

ENOSPC 28 /* No space left on device */

[ENOSPC] No space left on device.
During a write() to an ordinary file, there is no free space left on the device; or no space in system table during msgget(), semget(), or semop() while SEM_UNDO flag is set.

It can also indicate that you are out of swapspace when we are talking about creating new processes or threads.

Check your swap space with the swapinfo command. In general, your system should have twice as much DEVICE swap as you have physical memory.

Best regards,

Kent M. Ostby

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Adam J Markiewicz
Trusted Contributor

Re: Kernel Thread


Try to increase 'max_thread_proc' kernel value.

Good luck
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T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Kernel Thread

The things I would check are

1.Amount of memory utilized on the system.
ALso the swap usage.

2.check for the kernel parameters