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Kernel parameters

Occasional Contributor

Kernel parameters

I will appreciate it if someone can assist me in optimising our workstations kernel papameters

Workstation HP J5000
CPU's 2

Application we run on this machine is SDRC Ideas8.2, and Abaqus6.2 Standard and Explicit
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Re: Kernel parameters

Tuning is up to you, when you see performance bottlenecks via glance or other limiting problems you would analyse the need to tune.. most indpt app vendors would have recommended tuning params for their apps, but that's not to say that they'd be the best for your system.
See the following docs for some info, and before you start playing around, make a backup!,1150,0xeb737e990647d4118fee0090279cd0f9,00.html

For general kernel tuning, see:

It works for me (tm)
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Re: Kernel parameters

Hi Chris,

Have a look on the foollowing attached file.
You may need to fin tune it up to your environment.

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Re: Kernel parameters

see : for info on Ideas .... never heard of abacus .... CAD application ?