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LVM mirroring between two eva5000

Mme Jonnaert

LVM mirroring between two eva5000

we want to mirror applications with lvm, but under 2 eva5000 on different room (on a SAN environnement)Are there some specifics lvm parameters or mount options to use in this case?
Our installer want to use lvm sync write (?)
But i'm afraid, there are some performance problem Have you any experiences?
thanks for your answer
Sridhar Bhaskarla
Honored Contributor

Re: LVM mirroring between two eva5000


Default should work fine. By default "lvextend -m x /dev/vgxx/lvolx" will extend the mirrors with MWC (Mirror Write Cache on) so during the activation, it will use it to sync up the mirrors. Other than this, there isn't much you can specify while extending the mirrors.

I never heard 'lvm sync write' in LVM. It may be a synonym to something.

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