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Largefile option problem

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Balakumar M
Frequent Advisor

Largefile option problem

Hi Everybody,
I am encountring problem with largefile option,
I have a mount point /mnt about 36GB mounted without Largefile option. we have backuped the database to a single file data.arc ( 2147483136 KB) after that we are not able to write to the file. so what i did is umounted the mount point and did the following things,
1) fsadm -F vxfs -o largefiles /dev/vg02/rback1
2) fsadm -F vxfs /dev/vg02/rback1
Seem's ok.
3) edited the fstab and added
/dev/vg02/back1 /mnt vxfs largefiles,delaylog 0 2
4) mount -a
No error's found, everything is fine.

We used the same file to backup database, but file doesn't grow, I have copied the file to another file and tried, same problem.

My question is
Is that possible to use the same file?
any solution?

Life is a continues learning process
Steven Sim Kok Leong
Honored Contributor

Re: Largefile option problem


What backup software are you using? Some software like the default tar utility which comes with HP-UX only supports 2 GB maximum file size, regardless of whether your filesystem has been enabled for largefiles support.

Hope this helps. Regards.

Steven Sim Kok Leong
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Hasell Blad

Re: Largefile option problem

your procedure was good to me,
but there was sam problem.

check the following.
fsck -F vxfs /dev/vg02/rback1

if largefiles appears, you
can use the sam file.
Steve Steel
Honored Contributor

Re: Largefile option problem



ulimit is wrong

I would guess that the "ulimit -a" command indicates that file (blocks)
are set to the default:
check # ulimit -a
NOTE: Use the posix shell to reset the ulimit() command. (See the man page for the ulimit command and its options.)

Default filesize: 512byte * 4194303 = 2GB limit
So # ulimit -Hf unlimited
# ulimit -Sf unlimited
Check to make sure file (blocks) are unlimited:

# ulimit -a
Change in /etc/profile, if needed,

Steve Steel
If you want truly to understand something, try to change it. (Kurt Lewin)
Animesh Chakraborty
Honored Contributor

Re: Largefile option problem

Use the prealloc command. eg. to create a 2.5Gb file to test out if largefiles is on; prealloc testfile 2500000000

If prealloc returns the error; file too large you know you havent got largefiles on.
Did you take a backup?