Linux OS monitoring

Lokesh Varma
Regular Advisor

Linux OS monitoring

Hi Team,

We have request to monitor Linux operating system which is customized at kernel level. The Operating behavior is, it will not allow to execute the command on the prompt where it is logging and we do not have permission to create a new user and set the prompt and shell.

Alternate option on the server to execute the command, we have to go to a prompt called expert. when we switch to expert mode it will prompt for password. as a user i can do that manually, how do i that through Site scope. Please advice how to monitor the OS if my requirement is not clear.
Rajasekhar Gundu
Honored Contributor

Re: Linux OS monitoring

Try changing the prompt on Remote preferences for this server in SiteScope & verify if the connection is working as successful.

In General with custom bash it's always been a issue monitoring it as all monitors have the defined templates for all monitors. I suggest you to work with Linux admin of that server & have the bash changed to $ or #. Inform that it is the preliminary requirement to enable monitoring.



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