Linux Startup

Chad Rendell_1
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Linux Startup

I am new to Linux as you will sone see. I just installed RH 7.0. How do I invoke the GUI?
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John Poff
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Re: Linux Startup


You can start XWindows by giving the 'startx' command. But before you do that, you might want to run the 'Xconfigurator' command as root to make sure your graphics card is supported and that XWindows is configured for your hardware.

Balaji N
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Re: Linux Startup


welcome to the world of linux.

during the installtion did u configure X. if not you need to configure it manually. Run Xconfigurator. you will need details about ur display card and monitor. the manuals which came along with pc will be handy.

after this is done, run startx. it will start the gui. if you want to start the gui whenever the system boots, edit the /etc/inittab file and change the line


to look like


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